Our Adventures In Bali!

Hello there! Gracie & Lulu here. Today we are writing about our time together in Bali! Gracie and her family came to Bali for 3 weeks! We travelled all over, from the coast, up to the mountains! Heres both of our favourite things that we did!
Lulu: White Water Rafting!
We drove all the way up to Ubud (Which is 1 hour from my house) to the place that we booked with and when we got there they said we booked for the next day and not the day that we got there!
We were all so disappointed, until the guy told us that there was availability for that day. We met our guide who’s name was Candy and we followed him down 500 stairs to the river!02-aug-15-1055When we got there we hopped in our raft and then we were off, just like that! It was so scary and super fun at the same time! I’d been white water rafting before but Skyler and her family hadn’t and neither had my mum.
When we were halfway, we stopped at a little warung (small family owned shop) on the side of the river for drinks. There was so many bees there it was crazy!
When we were close to the end, Candy said that we could get out and swim! The water was freezing cold! After that, we had to walk up another 250 stairs which was very tiring.
I absolutely looove white water rafting! For those of you who haven’t been… Well, you should totally tell your parents that you wanna go! You will not regret it, I promise!
Gracie: Snorkelling At Pemuteran Beach!
This day was SO exciting! At first we had to rent snorkels from a man. Then Audrey, my brother and I ran into the water.
After we swam out a bit, we all saw a hundred colorful fish, all shapes and sizes.
Eventually we decided to swim out to a little floating shack
anchored down to the sea floor. Once we swam right up to it, looked beneath it and there were at least 200 small silver fish, all in one big ball!
When we decided to swim around a bit more, we saw the leftover wreckage of a shipwreck with fish swimming all throughout it! After we found the shipwreck, we saw a dolphin figure made out of old rusty wires. It was INCREDIBLE!!!
You can take a boat ride out further in the ocean but my brother got sick the day before so we could only snorkel on shore — but it was still beautiful.
If you haven’t been to Pemuteran Beach, I VERY highly recommend it.  You would get to see a million incredible fish!image

We hope you enjoyed our post. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!
Gracie & Lulu
Photo credit: Deb Schwedhelm

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