Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone, Gracie here!

If you didn’t already know, I recently returned home from Bali. I really miss seeing Audrey and Bali. On the plus side, I get to see my dog, Charley, again! Charley is a cocker-spaniel, poodle mix, who is nine years old and pretty much the laziest dog you’ll ever meet!


I live in Zushi, Japan. It is 1-1/2 hours South of Tokyo. It feels weird to be back at home because we have basically been gone the whole summer. We were in the United States all of June, left to go to Australia on the July 8th, arrived in Bali July 23rd and flew back to Japan on the August 10th. Phew, what a summer of traveling.


Right now I’m just staying home with my 10-year-old brother, Ryder, and my Mom (my Mom wouldn’t like it if I shared her age — ha ha!). My Dad isn’t with us right now because his job requires him to work on a ship in the U.S. military, so he has been gone since January. I am really excited though because he should be home in a couple weeks! Nine months is a long time to have your Dad away.

We are hopefully going to be visiting and exploring some new places here in Japan over the next few weeks. I am hoping to share about those adventures in the near future. Oh yea — we’re going to be climbing Mt Fuji too. Thanks for reading.

LOVE, Gracie & Lulu


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