Walking Through Sunflower Fields

Hello Gracie here!

On Tuesday, my family and I went to a sunflower festival and saw at least one million sunflowers!


They were absolutely beautiful! You could walk through the sunflowers or stand on a large metal platform to overlook all the flowers. The festival is in Zama and it is a one hour drive to get there. We loved the festival. During the summer, it gets really hot in Japan so if you visit, wear shorts and a t-shirt. We ended up going on the last day of the festival so some of the flowers were dead, but on the drive there we passed a field where all the flowers were stunning.


We went to an area that had a few concession stands that were selling hotdogs, sausages, many flavors of icee’s, french fries, and much much more. My brother Ryder and I both got an icee. I had a strawberry flavored one and Ryder had blue Hawaiian punch.


My mom wanted something and we saw a lot of people walking by with long french fries, so we asked a woman which stand had the fries. She said something in Japanese and then pointed to a concession stand. When we walked up to it, we saw a sign showing the french fries. We asked for one box of fries, but when we saw them frying them, I had no idea what they were making. They mushed some weird stuff, which looked like noodles,  into a  metal cylinder contraption. They then squished the mush out of small holes in the bottom of the metal cylinder into the fryer for a couple minutes and when they pulled it out they looked like french fries. We think that the stuff  they fried were mashed potatoes!

While we were eating the mashed potato french fries, we noticed the sunflower festival mascot, who was a small man with hair like sunflower petals. The sunflower mascot was taking pictures with little kids. There was also another mascot that looked like a Japanese fella. After we saw all of that, it was getting super hot, so we decided to drive back home.

17-aug-15-18Thank you for reading more blog posts coming soon!

Gracie & Lulu


2 thoughts on “Walking Through Sunflower Fields

  1. You’re both very good writers and photographers. I especially love this post on sunflowers, it reminds me of the sunflower fields in Kansas. Isn’t it funny that you’re so far away yet your photo reminds me of my neighboring state? Happy travels!


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