5 Fun Things To Do In Japan & Australia!


Hello friends, It’s Gracie & Lulu here!

Today we will be sharing our five favorite things we did while visiting Japan and Australia!

Lulu’s five favourite things while visiting Japan:

  1.  One of my favourite things we did in Japan was visit the beautiful temples! There’s so many temples in Japan, much like Bali except I like the temples in Japan way more! One of the temples we visited was called Fushimi Inari in Kyoto. It had a walk that was over 3 hours long through these tall red archways that were magnificent!
    We only walked for around 1 hour because we got really tired but I wish we walked for longer because the view from the top is supposed to be breathtaking! I loved the colourful paper cranes hanging up that symbolise peoples hopes & dreams.
  2. We went to the amazing Miyajima island. The Island is very close to Hiroshima. There is a beautiful temple with a shrine floating in the water and best of all, hundreds of deer! The deer are the sweetest, friendliest creatures and you can actually pat them! When we were on Miyajima island we went on a long nature walk up the mountain and the view was so so pretty. When we got to the top we stopped at a little cafe and ordered butter chicken (which is Indian curry) out of a vending machine!? It was very odd but an awesome experience!
  3. Going on the bullet train was one of my favourite things to do. It isn’t something a normal Australian kid would usually do. It’s travels at 320 km per hour so it’s a great way to get to far away places and see so many places along the way! It’s kinda like going on a plane but theres way more leg room and you can plug in! Isn’t that AWESOME!
  4. Exploring the streets is super fun because there is so much to see. There are many hidden alley ways filled with stores selling adorable hair accessories, candy and stationary! I loved seeing girls in the traditional kimonos so much, I couldn’t help taking photos. We encountered a Geisha one night in Kyoto. Geisha’s are very traditional Japanese women who are skilled in many arts. The makeup and outfits are absolutely wonderful!JAPAN_0354
  5. While in Japan we visited the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest! It’s about a 20 minute train ride from Kyoto. The bamboo was so green and lush. It was so beautiful! We walked through a nearby temple with the prettiest garden full of colourful flowers. We went late in the day to avoid the crowd so it was a little dark and hard to get a good photo. This is the best photo I had! 🙂


Gracie’s five favorite things while visiting Australia:

  1. My absolute favorite thing that we got to do in Australia was visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was so much fun! My brother and I got to cuddle a koala and feed kangaroos. It is called a koala sanctuary, but there is a lot more than just koalas. They have platypus’, cockatoos, Tasmanian devils, monitor lizards and a whole lot more!
  2. Another thing that you must do if you visit Australia is go to a league rugby game. It was so much fun to watch the local Brisbane Bronco team play! I was shocked that these men who are crashing into each other incredibly hard were wearing no protective gear at all!  We were lucky because after the game was over, we were allowed to walk onto the field, which only happens once a year.
  3. I also loved when we walked along Byron Bay, but when we were there, it was winter and a cold front so we didn’t swim in the water. Also, up near Byron Bay, there is a light house that is popular to visit. We weren’t able to go up to the light house, but I wish we did. However, we did get to see this man drawing art in the sand, which was pretty amazing.
  4. We also drove to the Crystal Palace, which is a calm, relaxing gardens,  filled with crystals and beautiful rock formations. It is absolutely gorgeous with some of the biggest crystals I have ever seen.
  5. Another thing that was fun was the Gallery of Modern Art or GOMA for short. You can look at all the art that is displayed, but they also have a kid’s section where there is a humongous light bright with little pegs to put in. There was also a computer that you could make a scrapbook-like face. Sadly we couldn’t stay long because we got there 45 minutes before closing time, but I would love to go back and see more.

From this side of the world, we hope you enjoyed our five favorite things that we did while visiting Japan and Australia.

Love, Gracie & Lulu


4 thoughts on “5 Fun Things To Do In Japan & Australia!

  1. Japan has been my favorite trip that we have done, i really loved Hiroshima as well as Kyoto. Gracie..the Brisbane Broncos are my favorite team..have been for 25 years..and I’ve never had the chance to walk on the field..so jealous!


  2. I’m Australian and I live in Japan! It was so interesting to read your top fives. Did you stop by Monkey Mountain when you were in Arashiyama? It’s a lot of fun – I just shared a post on it. If you didn’t visit it this trip be sure to go back next time you travel to Japan.


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