Documenting Our Day

Hey there, we’re back — and today we will be sharing with you our day in photos!

As usual, my day started with school, but I’m homeschoooled so my school days are a bit different. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is language arts and math. Tuesday and Thursday is social studies and science. We also do a bit of German every day. Once school was finished, we went to a store that sold recycled goods. We came across this crazy cat that was wearing a bow tie, which my Mom wanted to buy, but in the end, we left with a ukulele and a small vase.
Then it was time for Charley (my pet dog) to get a haircut, which he really needed. We walked him down to the groomer’s and dropped him off. Then two hours later walked the 15 minutes to pick him up. What an incredible transformation! He didn’t stink anymore and he wasn’t just one big fur ball; he was nice and clean.
31-aug-15-2While walking Charley back to the house, we stopped by a small, local market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. While my Mom bought some produce, I walked across the street to take a photo.  As I was about to take the photo, I saw the store owner walk out and when she noticed me taking a picture she posed with a double peace sign. It was so cute! We ended up buying eggs, carrots, and bananas.
After we dropped off Charley, we drove to our piano lessons. Ryder went first, while I ran some errands with my mom. After Ryder was done, it was my turn. I ended up playing seven songs during my lesson.  A few of my favorite songs are The Haunted Mouse, Halftime show, and Mexican Jumping Beans. I really love my piano lessons.
Once we got back from piano, Ryder and I took Charley on a walk around our neighborhood. We didn’t walk Charley long because it was hot, humid, and we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ryder biked a little too. I’m still not biking very much because of my broken knee recovery.
A little after we got back, our friends, Raylen and Daniel, came over to play for a bit. They weren’t able to play long because they had to eat dinner and get ready for school. Then it was in the house, for dinner, relaxing and bed for all.

My day started out with waking up in a beautiful house in Byron Bay with my 2 friends and my parents. Once everyone was up we all decided to walk to the beach.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter our walk on the beach, Zali & Poppy’s parents came down to Byron Bay and we all went to lunch at The Farm. There was cows, chickens and even pigs! After we ate our lunch we walked around the whole farm.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPoppy and I climbed up onto a fence and we were sitting there for quite a while. We really wanted to go get a photo with the cows but it was FARMERS ONLY.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe climbed over the fence anyway and ran up to the cows to get a quick photo. We were lucky we didn’t get caught!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce we we finished picnicking on the grass at The Farm we went into town and did a bit of shopping. While we were shopping we just couldn’t resist getting a photo in front of the Golden Breed surf store. It just had the cutest stripes on the wall.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally after a long, busy day, Zali and Poppy went home and I stayed one more night in Byron.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
See you next time.
Love, Gracie & Lulu


3 thoughts on “Documenting Our Day

  1. Beautiful blog girls! I enjoyed reading about your day! I’m glad Charles doesn’t smell anymore.

    Enjoy your most special days!!


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