My Sailing Adventure

Hi everyone, Gracie here!

I have exciting news! On Wednesday, my dad finally came home after a LONG nine months apart — and today, our family spent some time sailing. We rented a sailboat on the military base, but we were only able to rent it for two hours, so we stayed sailing along the Yokosuka Naval Base.

03-sep-2015-52My brother, Ryder, and I learned to tack the sail (shifting the sail from one side of the boat to the other). I also stuck my feet in the water for about 10 minutes and I saw lots of jellyfish and a small dead shark –thank goodness we didn’t bring bathing suits and go in the water!03-sep-2015-24As part of our sailing adventure, we also learned some science, e.g. the parts of a sailboat, why a boat floats and Archimedes Principle.
03-sep-2015-8All in all, it was a really great day, except for the 15 minutes when I was feeling a bit heat exhausted and sea sick. Luckily I recovered quickly with a little air conditioning, water and food. I can’t wait for our next sailing trip and learning more about sailing.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about our sailing adventure today.

Gracie & Lulu


One thought on “My Sailing Adventure

  1. What a great adventure you and Ryder had learning to sail, a specially having your dad teaching you, you must of had a lot fun together. It is so great reading all off adventures and the things you do! ❤ Oma


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