A Walk Along the Rapids

Hi friends, Gracie here!

Last week, we drove two hours to explore the Ome River Walk area. It is a trail along the Ome River, near Mount Mitake. When we first arrived, it started pouring almost immediately, so we ran to the nearest shelter, which happened to be a a place with a few food shacks.  So we decided to stay and eat there, hoping that the rain would pass.

To place your order, you used a vending machine, where you looked at pictures of the food and pressed a button for whatever you wanted to order.  My mom and I ordered some sort of chicken dish, which ended up being just a bowl of chicken skin and broth. Yuck!  My Dad ordered noodles, which I ended up eating, and he ate my chicken skin soup. It was quite the interesting lunch while we waited for the rain to cease.

Once the rain lessoned up, we decide we would change into our swimsuits and just hike in the rain. As soon as we changed, the rain stopped and it turned into a beautiful cloudy day.


The Ome River is popular for its river rapids and trust me, the rapids are really strong. We couldn’t really swim without getting swept away by the river. I only went in up to my chest because the water is an astonishing 52 degrees all year long. BRRR!

04-sep-2015-3404-sep-2015-284 04-sep-2015-56

The rapids were absolutely stunning, with huge rocks poking out of the water. While we were hiking along, looking for calm spots to walk in the water and take photos, we saw about five different groups of people river rafting. It was hilarious. They were whooping, hollering, and a few people even fell into the freezing water. They eventually got pulled back int the boat after they drifted down river.


Another thing that I really loved about Ome River Walk was all the hand drawn signs along the way. We couldn’t read them but for the most part, we could understand the drawings.


Love, Gracie & Lulu



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