Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Hi everyone, it’s Gracie here!

Today I went to one of the most incredible aquariums located in Okinawa, a Japanese island. As we walked toward the entrance, we saw a huge group of girls, all with crazy hair styles, half shirts, short shorts and very high heels. It was quite hilarious! I don’t know how they walked all through the aquarium in those high heel shoes.


Also, in one spot, right outside of the aquarium, there was mist blowing out of little gates on the ground. At some times, you couldn’t even see three feet in front of your face.16-sep-15-2

The tanks were so beautiful with tons of wonderful sea life, to include neon colored fish, deep sea fish, jellyfish and a poisonous sea life section.

The tank that the aquarium is most famous for is a HUMONGOUS tank holding three fully grown whale sharks (about 30 feet long) and massive manta rays swimming amongst them. There were large fish and nurse sharks swimming in the tank also.16-sep-15-6
Another one of my favorite tanks was a small tank with not much in it but it had an incredibly beautiful neon colored fish. Oh and I can’t forget the box jellyfish. It looked so beautiful but a box jellyfish is the deadliest animal on the planet. Can you believe that the deadliest animal on the planet doesn’t have a brain!16-sep-15-10

After we walked through the aquarium and saw all of the tanks and shark research center, we went outside to see the sea turtle and manatee pools.

We were surprised to see that the aquarium was so crowded on a weekday, but overall, it was an exciting and interesting first day in Okinawa! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Love, Gracie and Lulu


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