Rope Swinging & Cliff Jumping

Hey everybody, Gracie here!

My Mom, brother, and I have spent the past week exploring Okinawa. My Dad was working but he was still able to come visit us in Okinawa for a couple days over the weekend. It was super fun exploring Okinawa, but my absolute favorite part was going to a place called Aha Falls. We learned about the waterfall  because we have friends who live in Okinawa and have been there many times before, so we went with them. It was a two-hour drive to get to the location and once we arrived, it was about a 10-15 minute walk down to the waterfall and swimming hole. I almost forget — at Aha Falls, there is a giant rope swing that you can swing into the water and you can also jump off of the waterfall cliffs.

Once we got there, all of us immediately went straight to the rope swing. At first, I couldn’t get my feet up so as I went over the water my feet touched and I fell face first into the water. I later got the hang of it and was swinging super high!
After swinging into the water a few times, we all decided to swim towards the falls.
Then our friends showed us how to climb up to the best jumping point on the waterfall cliffs. It was INSANE!!! First, you had to get yourself out of the water and onto the a cliff rock. Then you had to grab a large bush growing out of the rock and squeeze your foot into a tiny little foothold poking out along the face of the massive boulder. Finally, you and to pull yourself around the branches and push yourself up to where you could jump from.
The first time that I jumped from the cliff, I was so nervous but as soon as I heard
I jumped!!!
And then I jumped about 10 more times in a row.

Then it was back to the rope swing. That was when our friends showed us that you could actually climb up the tree and swing from a higher point! Once I saw that you could do that, of course, I had to try!
There were holes in the trunk of the tree with small notches big enough to fit my foot into.  Once I was up the tree, I pushed off, swung super high — and SPLASH!!!
It may look like it isn’t all that high but we actually swung about 30 feet in the air! A little later my brother tried it and after he said “OH MY GOSH, you swing SO high up!”
I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Aha Falls. Until next time — adios!

Love, Gracie & Lulu



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