Tour of my room in Zushi, Japan

Hey peeps, Gracie here!

Today I’ll be giving you a tour through my room. As you may already know, I live in Japan. The houses in Japan are quite small because of how small the country is and how high the population is. Actually, everything is rather small here in Japan —  cars,  trucks,  restaurants, houses, even the trash bags are small.

All-righty-then, welcome to my room! 🙂


This is my bed. The big rainbow animal is a rabbit; however, the ears are tucked behind the rabbit’s head so it’s hard to tell. And the pillow in the rabbit’s lap is a happy cloud. Also, the green and white blanket on my bed was a gift from one of my best friends, when I left Tampa.


Here is my desk and my bulletin board, where I keep a lot of my photos and cards. I use my desk when I’m drawing but most of the time, when I do school, I work with my brother, in the living room.


By the way, the big S hanging above my desk is an art piece that my friend made me for my 10th birthday. Isn’t it awesome; she’s so talented. And in case you were wondering…the S is for my first name, Skyler (Grace is my middle name). image

On my dresser I have a ton of knick-knacks, like the little Japanese sticky notes and clay animals I made.


One of my favorite knick-knacks is a little glass sea monster, I also have a glass orange gecko and a metal turtle. Yep, I like cute knick-knacks.


My bookshelf is a bit crowded with all of my art projects, a cardboard camera that my siblings and I made for my Mom when we were little, and my succulent, which I named George.

Well now you know what my bedroom looks like here in Zushi, Japan. Lulu and I are planning to do tours of our whole house soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

Gracie & Lulu


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