A Week in Vietnam

Hey friends, Gracie here!

How have you been? I’m sorry that I have been a little delayed on posting recently, but we have been very busy with traveling and school. But, I have an exciting post for today. 🙂 Guess where I have been for the past week?…

We have been traveling around VIETNAM!!!!!!

We started our journey in Hanoi, one of the major cities in Vietnam. It is a very… how can I put it…crowded (and noisy) city. Everybody is squished together, zipping by and honking over and over. Other than the traffic, Hanoi was a pretty great place to visit. We only stayed there two days but we did quite a bit. The first day, we walked around and went to the Hanoi Water Puppet Show. It was really funny. The wooden puppets are manipulated with long poles under water, while the people controlling the puppets hide behind a curtain.

The next day we had a two University student tour guides showing us to some of their favorite spots around town.
We walked to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Tran Quoc Pagoda, the Hanoi Hilton Prison, the Temple of Literature (which I thought was BEAUTIFUL), and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. We also ate at a little street food restaurant, which was quite interesting and yummy!

04-nov-15-106 04-nov-15-108 04-nov-15-165
After Hanoi, we took the night train (a train that has a cart with beds to sleep on) that took us to Sapa. I loved it in Sapa, it was probably my favorite thing we did in Vietnam. We stayed in Sapa for two days, and went trekking with a local Hmong (a tribe in Vietnam) guide while we were there.04-nov-15-265 While trekking, our guide told us about things, such as the Vietnamese culture, religion, medicine, food, etc. Our first trek, to two waterfalls and through a village, was six kilometers (four miles) and our second trek was 16 kilometers (10 miles), which took us up and down a mountain and to our guide’s village. In her village we got to see our guide’s simple yet wonderful home and got to meet her two children.05-nov-15-176 We also got to try her homemade tea and rice wine (don’t worry, there was no alcohol in it XD ).
Along the way, we loved seeing all the children.
After Sapa, we went on a two-day cruise on Halong Bay.  The cruise trip was absolutely gorgeous with huge rocks jutting out of the Bay. While on the Bay, we were able to go kayaking and walk through a huge limestone cave called “Surprise Cave”. We also had a cooking class on making fried spring rolls, which was really fun.
Thank you for reading! I so loved Vietnam and hope you got a small glimpse into how magnificent the country is. I sure hope I’m able to go back again soon. I’m sitting in the Bangkok airport right now, headed to Cambodia for a few days! Looking forward to talking to you again soon.

Love, Gracie and Lulu



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