Snorkeling in Thailand

Hey guys and gals, it’s Gracie here!

We just returned home from our trip to Thailand and I’ll tell you what — it was amazing! My favorite thing though was definitely the day we went snorkeling and had lunch on a the beach of a private island. Snorkeling is one of my favorite things to do. I love looking at all the fish, and out of all the snorkeling I’ve done, this has been my favorite spot. We had to first go on a 1-1/2 hour long-tail boat ride, which was fun. As we boarded, there were really big waves, so the boat captain wasn’t able to pull the boat into shore. We he’d to walk on the floating, plastic jetty, which was moving up and down like crazy. , As the big waves came, it would raise us up and one time we actually got knocked down because the platform went so high.  XD Thank goodness — we all made it to the boat safe and sound.
16-nov-15-525 16-nov-15-561
When we arrived to Ko Rok Island, I saw that the water was crystal clear — the most beautiful, turquoise blue. Once we stopped and the anchor dropped, I quickly popped on my mask and snorkel and jumped in. I’m not sure photos could ever show how beautiful the location, fish and coral were.17-nov-15-971
17-nov-15-1163 17-nov-15-1406-Edit
At one point, our guide threw the rind of a watermelon into the water and almost immediately 20 or so fish swam straight to it, nibbling away. So I swam over, grabbed the watermelon rind and began feeding the fish. It was wild to hear the fish munching on the watermelon underwater.
Once we were done snorkeling, we went to a private island to eat lunch on the beach. We had rice, a fantastic chicken dish, watermelon, pineapple and a tiny banana muffin. After lunch, we walked along the beach a bit and then got back in the boat, to snorkel in a second location.
16-nov-15-587 Here, one of the two little boys we were with, my brother, and I all kept jumping into the water, from the edge of the boat. And of course, we continued to snorkel.17-nov-15-105016-nov-15-534
We also stopped by another beach that had huge monitor lizards. We saw one monitor lizard, which was about five feet long, but we didn’t get a picture of it 😦 . You could even camp on the island with the monitor lizards (a bunch of tents were already set up). Could you imagine that? YIKES!  We also came across a a huge swing made out of a branch that connected to ropes. It was super fun to swing on.
Then we just decided to play in the water for a while, which was fun because my dad threw us into the air. At one point, he put my brother on his shoulders and then put me on my brother’s shoulders!16-nov-15-538
But of course, my brother said “Oh I want to get off”, so I ended up unexpectedly being dropped into the water :\ . After playing around for a while, the Captain called us in; it was time to head home. On the way back we ended up spotting some dolphins, which it turns out is very rare. Our guide said that they only spot dolphins about 2-3 times a year and when they do, they consider it GOOD LUCK!16-nov-15-585
Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about our trip to Ko Rok, Thailand!

Ciao and Happy Thanksgiving!
❤ Love, Gracie and Lulu


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