Zip-lining And Climbing


Hiya readers! Gracie here!29-Nov-47How has your week been? Two days ago we went to a place called forest adventure! Forest adventure is a place in Japan where you can zip-line, climb,    and balance you’re way through the obstacle coarse, and the best part… all of it is in the trees!

We first got to Forest Adventure at 12:50 am because we were told that our training (for how to hook yourself in and what not to do) was at 11:00 am, but after we registered and payed they told us our training session was at 11:30. The good was they at least had hammocks to wait in. 🙂
Once it was 11:30 we headed over to start training. Once we got there we were told that training would be said in Japanese -_- , so we watched what he was showing on the mini coarse and asked questions after he was finished. Once we were ready to begin we headed over to the trees, and started climbing to the first platform! Up first was “the Tarzan swing”. On the Tarzan swing you hook onto the rope and swing  over to a net where you crawl to the next platform.29-Nov-14
After a couple of other obstacles up came our first zip-line! YAY! My dad went first. Then it was my turn, I latched my self in, then, I was off! The zip-line headed for the ground, so when I saw the ending coming closer i started running mid-air (which is what they told us to do so that we are prepared for the landing) but as soon as my feet hit the ground I fell over and slid in the pile of mulch (it luckily didn’t hurt) XD !29-Nov-30
One of the worst incidents that I had was walking on these small silver rings hanging from a rope which I happened to step a little to far into and got my foot stuck in! I ended up sitting down (hanging by the harness) to try to unhook my foot,  it turns out sitting down is not the best idea, because I ended up getting the ring stuck all the way up my leg, haha OOPS XD ! I eventually unhooked my leg, thank goodness!29-Nov-37My favorite obstacle there was near the end, it was actually another Tarzan swing, but about twice the size! It was really scary because when I jumped off it just felt like I was falling, three stories in the air, but after a second of falling the rope tightened and I started swinging. At the end of the Tarzan swings there is a net that you grab onto and climb up to the platform.29-Nov-4129-Nov-44
 Once we completed all the obstacles and my hands were bright red from all the climbing we headed home for another two hour car ride.
Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed! If you are ever in Japan I recommend going here! If you want to learn more about our trip to Hakone Forest Adventure watch the video below!

❤ Love ❤ Gracie and Lulu


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