Walk Around the Neighborhood

Hey ladies and gents, Gracie here!

Today I’ll be writing about my walk through our neighborhood with my adorable little pup, Charley! We saw lots of plants (which I absolutely love) and all the houses with Christmas decor (sorry, I’m a a bit late on sharing Christmas stuff :/ )! Our neighborhood is a lovely little place with good friends, nice people, and great hiking trails to explore. We live right in front of a park that we nicknamed “The Ninja Park” because it reminds us of the American Ninja Warrior T.V. show. Our house is very efficient and…very compact.neighborhood-18-dec-18
Now onto the walk…

One thing about Japan is that almost everyone air dries their clothes by hanging them outside of their home or apartment. We see clothes hanging outside everywhere we go,neighborhood-18-dec-21
Here is the view walking down our ‘big’ hill, which is VERY hard to bike up. Trust me, I know XD .

Along one of the main streets right outside our neighborhood is a ton of shops, which all have to fit in their own tiny space. Quite often, the family lives above their shop. Japan doesn’t have much room so everything has to fit together, however and wherever it can.neighborhood-18-dec-25
 These, are a vegetable called daikon. Before I moved to Japan I had never seen a daikon before in my life. They are like giant white carrots and are very popular in Japan.


While we were on our walk, we came across a temple and decided to go in and have a look. All temples in Japan begin with a tori gate. The photo below shows one of the pillars of the tori gate.

One of Japan’s top modes of transportation is their train system. There is a train station in almost every city. Our closest train station is the Hagashi Zushi Station.
Right outside of our train station, in a small fenced-off grassy area, we discovered a bunch of large, wooden boards with trick art images on them, so of coarse we decided to take a picture. 🙂
Something I find very funny (and awesome) about Japan is that there are vending machines EVERYWHERE. One time we were walking on a hiking trail and we saw a vending machine just to the side of the trail, where there was nothing else around.neighborhood-18-dec-1
If you didn’t already know, I LOVE PLANTS!!! And the Japanese seem to love their plants and decorations too, as you can see! neighborhood-18-dec-3neighborhood-18-dec-20untitled-44untitled-43
Everyone in Japan is very polite and respectful, so all around the neighborhood are signs reminding you to not leave your dog poop there.untitled-51
Thank you everybody for reading. I hope you enjoyed the tour around my Zushi neighborhood!!!
Love, Gracie and Lulu ❤


One thought on “Walk Around the Neighborhood

  1. Skyler I love the interests you have of your surroundings and sharing it. It is beautiful there so different from living in the USA. I had some of the plants, but I don’t know what they look like in the spring. I love you

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