Hawaii Part 1

Aloha friends, Gracie here!

We just arrived to Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday! My Dad is in the military and his job required him to attend a conference in Hawaii so we thought we may as well visit him there. We have been to Oahu, Hawaii once before but just stayed there. This time around we are staying on the island of Maui. Here’s a bit about our days so far…

Day 1:
Our trip started on a seven hour flight from Tokyo to Honolulu. All three of us got sick from all the turbulence, which was surprising because I have been on TONS of planes and have never gotten motion sickness (maybe it was because we were in the last row). We met our Dad when we landed and mainly shopped.


Day 2:
The next day we took off on another plane and headed to Maui, this one being a quick 45 minutes. We drove to our condo and immediately got ready to go to the beach. The beach was lovely, with clear water, soft sand, and no stingrays! We didn’t bring the boogey boards so most of the time we were just body surfing and jumping the waves. The one terrible thing that happened was that when my dad threw my brother from his shoulders into the water, HIS WEDDING RING SLIPPED OFF!!! 0.0 We searched for it for about 15 minutes but the current was strong and we couldn’t find it.21-may-16-1021-may-16-29821-may-16-784

Day 3:
We left the house at around noon to go explore the north part of the island. We drove for about two hours, but it started pouring rain and we didn’t have windows on the Jeep, so  we had to turn around. The weather was clear in the south and on the way back we stopped at a shave ice (aka snow cone) place. The reviews say it’s the best shave ice place in Hawaii. The snow cones were HUGE and we got a small (I can’t imagine how big the large would be). It was absolutely delicious too. Before we went back to the condo, we drove through a lava field which is a field of hardened lava, from a volcano that erupted sometime between 1500-1600. We went back to our room, ate lunch, grabbed our boogey boards, and headed back to the same beach from the day before. We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours, until we had to take my Dad to the airport so he could get back to work in Honolulu. He’s going to be there for a couple days and then flying back to Maui to join us for the rest of the time.22-may-16-21022-may-16-335

23-may-16-946Day 4:
We left at around 1:00 pm to walk and go look at a beach that was famous for snorkeling but it turned out that the water was freezing (okay not really freezing, but it was cold-ish) and it was super windy so we decided to walk back and go somewhere else. We decided to go to the lava fields, also known as Ahihi-Kina’u. The lava field is where the last volcano eruption on Maui occurred. The lava hardened and kind of looks like dirt, but it’s all rocks. There is an area that you can walk around along the shore, but the rest of the preserve was closed off in 2008 because people were trampling in the area and destroying it.  24-may-2016-208924-may-2016-2024

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part two of my Maui trip!

Love, Gracie & Lulu


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